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Thread: The Beginners Guide To Mastering PHP

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    "Fire Your Programmer! Now You Can Learn How To Install And Create Your Own PHP Scripts, Enhance Your Web Pages, Design Interactive Communities All By Mastering The Power of PHP Programming!"

    If you have always wondered how PHP programmers are making a fortune creating useful and profitable scripts, or you just want to save a ton of time and money by learning how to install scripts on your server, The Beginners Guide to Mastering PHP is a comprehensive tutorial guide that will take you through the basics of PHP programming.

    PHP is one of the most popular programming languages used by coders and web developers, and fortunately, it's also one of the easiest to master. Better yet, if you want to take control of your website in a whole new way, PHP can make it exceptionally easy to manage your entire website, update templates on the fly, and add polls, surveys and other useful tools that will help you get more out of every single area of your website.

    Here is just some of what you can do with PHP:

    - Most of your favorite websites use PHP to create well managed, interactive and fun communities. Now you can add "stickiness" to your website, just the same!

    - If you have ever wanted to know how to set up and configure a blog, customize scripts so they work better for you, install a forum or a guestbook, learning PHP is essential.

    - Use PHP to develop your own scripts and earn money through freelance work, or by selling your scripts on your own websites! Developers are making a fortune by offering useful scripts that add value to websites. Get in on the action!

    - There is really no limit to what you can do once you master the craft of PHP programming. Bring your ideas to life, and add one of the most useful (and profitable) skills to your portfolio, with our easy-to-follow guide to PHP programming.

    The guide is over 70 pages long and contains examples and step by step instructions on how to seize the power of PHP and put it to use for you!

    Get this ebook if you are ready to begin your journey into the world of PHP programming.

    Price: $7.00
    Payment methods: PayPal or MoneyBookers

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