If you're fed up paying a princely ransom to King Google for your website traffic and you've been suspecting that there's a better way to majestically attract visitors to your websites, then I'm here to let you know that you've just stumbled upon the solution you've barely dared dream about.

But unlike a fairy tale, Traffic Czar™ is very much for real. So join me while I explain how you can enjoy a level of executive traffic direction that even a monarch from the past with absolute power would never have thought possible (even if the internet had been invented at the time ).

How Will You Use Traffic Czar™ To
Command The Traffic You Desire?

- Use your new found power to create a Google AdSense empire by driving thousands of highly-targeted visitors to your AdSense rich pages. Easy and provides great passive income!

- Launch any website and gain immediate respect and attention from the search engines by guaranteeing that thousands of qualified visitors flock to your pages right from the outset.

- Make your organization immediately visible to prospects and customers from around the world, simply by applying the dynamic Traffic Czar™ approach.

- Dramatically increase your income by bringing thousands of targeted buyers direct to your website just at the moment when they're absolutely ready to purchase. One of the advantages of the Traffic Czar™ approach is that people visit you when they're ready to actually take action (i.e. signup, subscribe, buy, etc).

- Acquire the knowledge, skills and the software to build an opt-in list of hungry... switched on... ready-to-buy prospects, who are hanging on your every word (even your every command).

- Replicate everything you've just read whenever you like ― quite literally on a whim. From now on you'll get to choose how many qualified visitors turn up at your website, without paying a cent for Google AdSense or similar PayPerClick programs!

Traffic Czar™ manual is designed to prevent you from becoming yet another internet marketing crash statistic. It takes you through the process of building traffic to your website clearly and systematically, but unlike other products on the market which just talk theory, this manual actually shows you how to go about generating your traffic by guiding you through the software which also comes complete with this Traffic Czar™ toolkit:

Keyword Czar™ Software
Automate Your Keyword Research

Ultimately your online traffic success will hinge on your ability to define a list of quality keywords and phrases. The traditional approach is to spend hours brainstorming for words and phrases or to spend a fortune subscribing to the excellent (though costly) WordTracker service.

So how about some software that can have you target the keyword phrases that will pull in hoards of traffic?

And what about guiding and powering the software by learning from your nearest competitors?

That's no problem because I'm including Keyword Czar™ with the Traffic Czar™ toolkit.


SiteMap Czar™
Your Google SiteMap Done In Seconds!

Actually there's no mystery to getting your website listed on Google, you simply need to do provide the search engine with what it wants and that's why I'm bundling in SiteMap Czar™

Get your website crawled in no time and without needing to know all those secret back door techniques that make the SEO gurus tick.

Better... deeper... faster listing on Google because SiteMap Czar™ gives the pre-eminent search engine precisely what it wants!


ArticleComposer Czar™
Because Optimized Content Is King!

We all know that driving stacks of traffic to your site involves having fresh content to publish to the world. One great solution is to publish loads of quality articles. But actually there's a snag... if all you're doing is printing the same articles as everyone else, then the search engines won't thank you ― in fact they may even penalize you! Ouch! And that's why I'm proud to include ArticleComposer Czar™. Here's what you'll get...

Thousands (yes, that's right thousands) of quality copyright free, ready to use articles. And I mean WITHOUT the need to include anyone else's resource box or even credit another author. In fact you can merrily claim these articles as your own.

You'll also receive my special software application to personalize all the articles so that they don't look like anyone else's. I'm not sure who will love this more. You... or the search engines!


ArticleSubmitter Czar™
138+ Article Directories So That You Can Go Out And Rule The World!

When it comes to driving quality-traffic to your website, article submission is the gold-standard. In fact, if you're not already promoting yourself with articles then you're missing out on herds of vital traffic. But up until now article submission work has been long, tedious or expensive! Not anymore... now you can...

Place your article submission work on autopilot with this 24 carat gold-plated system, yours free of charge with Traffic Czar™.

Benefit from 138+ auto-fill article directories. With ArticleSubmitter Czar™ you'll be amazed at how much additional traffic you'll attract to your website. You can even set up a test to see hundreds or even thousands of new quality incoming links straight into your target website!


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