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Thread: Flipped: The Complete Guide to Making Thousands Flipping Blogs

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    Cool Flipped: The Complete Guide to Making Thousands Flipping Blogs

    I've been flipping blogs and websites for the past 5 years. Here is exactly how I did it

    This is the revised edition with the latest methods and bonus items

    Only: $9 for the complete package

    And now I'm sharing every tactic, trick and tool I used to build a successful business. This is not some get rich quick scheme or concept that will only work for a month or two (before everyone else is doing it), this is the complete guide to flipping blogs for profits, packed with exclusive information and tactics you won't find elsewhere.


    * How to buy domains that already have Pagerank!
    * What domains not to buy
    * How to get cheap domains
    * Earn a residual income on sites you sell - even months after the sale!
    * How to quickly churn out content
    * Quick and easy backlinks
    * How to start a bidding war on your domains
    * How to Outsource half your work for less than $1
    * Pricing Strategy - price your websites so they always sell
    * Lots, Lots More!

    Also Included:

    You Should PM me to purchase the complete package for only $8 - Exclusive price for Netbuilders.
    Build a Web App - build your own profitable web app and earn a passive income

    Packing Cubes - how I stay organized on the road.

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    Okay, everyone. I reviewed this package.

    1. It came with the logos, as promised. They came in .psd format so that they can be edited and customized via Photoshop. This is a good package component and can prove to be pretty useful when you're trying to flip a blog, because a logo (even if it's simple) makes a big impact on both visitors and potential buyers.

    2. The package comes with free coaching. I like this because with most ebooks, you get the download URL and nothing more - if you need help, you're on your own. So, the coaching alone adds some value to this offer.

    3. The ebook covers a custom model for this flipping business.

    Obviously I cannot reveal this to you, but it's well laid-out and pretty easy to follow. It covers everything from the beginning preparatory steps (keywords, niches, etc.) to the more complex pieces (pricing, where to sell, getting the sale, etc.), ending with tips and tricks to add value to your site and how to put the finishing touches on it.

    One special feature that I personally enjoyed is a comprehensive checklist to ensure that you've covered all the bases and have everything in place. This helps when you're at the final stages and you need to check if you've got it all done.

    4. Included in the package is a 10-Day Action Plan. As the title would imply, it covers what tasks should be completed each day (within a 10 day period of time) to complete your website flipping operation. My recommendation would be to thoroughly read the initial e-book, follow through with the 10-Day Action Plan, and then go back to the checklist I mentioned earlier. Oh, one more step: Check your PayPal account and enjoy the profits.

    Overall, I very much enjoyed this package and I would definitely recommend it! A+

    Note: The e-book is about 42 pages long.

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    The price of $9 will only last for another day - i'm now selling this package for $17 (due to new content being added)
    Build a Web App - build your own profitable web app and earn a passive income

    Packing Cubes - how I stay organized on the road.

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