I've been flipping blogs and websites for the past 5 years. Here is exactly how I did it

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And now I'm sharing every tactic, trick and tool I used to build a successful business. This is not some get rich quick scheme or concept that will only work for a month or two (before everyone else is doing it), this is the complete guide to flipping blogs for profits, packed with exclusive information and tactics you won't find elsewhere.


* How to buy domains that already have Pagerank!
* What domains not to buy
* How to get cheap domains
* Earn a residual income on sites you sell - even months after the sale!
* How to quickly churn out content
* Quick and easy backlinks
* How to start a bidding war on your domains
* How to Outsource half your work for less than $1
* Pricing Strategy - price your websites so they always sell
* Lots, Lots More!

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