Hello Guys ,

I am giving away a guide / eBook on "Step by Step guide to Successfully Launching your own product "

This eBook will teach you :

How to begin to plan the beginnings of your promotion to make sure you have everything in place ready for the gathering of your resources , ready to put that huge amount of promotion power at your fingertips to good use .

How to re-iterate the importance of your five main resources and their roles , affiliates , customers , long term customers , Joint ventures and your standard list .

How to check that both a small and large follow up products are both in place , ready for the back end sales effect .

How to ensure that the follow-up and the vehicles that are going to carry the customers from your smaller product to your larger product are in place and functioning before we even get started .

and many more.....

This guide is just a perfect guide if you are serious that you want to start launching your product Successfully and be in the minority part of people whose products are success-full .

You can download the eBook for free here :

IM Made Easy

And please feel free to ask me any queries or doubts that you may have while reading the eBook , and wish you Success launching your products