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PRICE: Just $5

- eBook Products in Pack (23 products) -

(The text in square brackets shows the product license for each eBook.)

  • Traffic 2.0 [PLR]
  • Traffic Commando [MRR]
  • Traffic For Newbies [PLR]
  • Traffic Go [MRR]
  • Traffic Is King [RR] (Seems to really be MRR)
  • Traffic Lockdown [MRR]
  • Traffic Magnets [MRR]
  • Traffic Triggers [PLR]
  • Tube Me Some Traffic [PLR]
  • Free Traffic Marketing Report [PLR]
  • Free Traffic Tycoon [MRR]
  • Generating a Stream of Turbo Traffic [MRR]
  • Top Sources For FREE Backlinks [MRR]
  • Ultimate Traffic Surge MRR [MRR]
  • Web Traffic Mechanic [MRR]
  • Article Marketing Power [PUR]
  • Facebook Marketing Extreme [MRR]
  • Social Bookmarking What It's All About [MRR]
  • The Twitter Blueprint [PLR]
  • Twitter For Internet Marketing Pros [PLR]
  • Twitter Marketing Crash Course [PLR]
  • Twitter Traffic Mastery [PLR]
  • Seoaut MRR [MRR]

- Product Licenses Available With The eBooks -

[PUR] = Personal Use Rights - You can only use the product for your own use, and cannot resell it or give it away.
[RR] = Resell Rights - You can resell the product, but can not sell others the right to resell the product.
[MRR] = Master Resell Rights - You can resell the product, and can also sell others the right to resell the product.
[PLR] = Private Label Rights - Includes [MRR], plus you can re-label the product as your own.

Each product has some specific rights and restrictions, so check their license files for more info.

- Sample Sales Pages -

You can see the sales pages for all these products at the link below. For the products that allow resale, you can use these sales pages for the product's website if you wish to sell them and make some money. Most of the products also come with a selection of eBook cover images, as well as PSD files that can be edited in Photoshop.

Sample Sales Pages

- Download The eBook Pack -

You can download the pack via the links below, and check that you are getting what you are paying for. The pack has been split up into several zip files for easier downloading, with each zip file containing several of the eBooks. The zip files are password protected, but you can still see the file and folder structures for each product. The password for the zip files will be provided upon purchase.

Note that some of the eBooks include video tutorials which can add significantly to the download size.

Web Traffic eBook Pack - Part A
Web Traffic eBook Pack - Part B
Web Traffic eBook Pack - Part C
Web Traffic eBook Pack - Part D

(Zip file password provided after purchase.)

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