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Thread: Halloween Creative New Ideas And Tricks

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    Talking Halloween Creative New Ideas And Tricks

    Fresh New Ideas And Tricks To Make Your Halloween More Exciting.

    Know How To Organize A Successful and Innovative Halloween Event

    This e-book has been designed especially for the Halloween enthusiasts. It tells you about the origin of the festival and the significance that it holds. It also provides interesting and innovative ideas on how to plan and organize a Halloween event to make it successful and enjoyable.

    Some of the chapter in the 'Halloween - Creative New Ideas and Tricks' are:

    * A brief on the history and importance of Halloween
    * Why is trunk-or-treat celebrated, and how?
    * The important milestones of Halloween
    * The customs and traditions that mark the festival
    * Halloween as it is celebrated 'today'
    * Party ideas and planning for Halloween

    - The jack o' lantern lane Halloween event

    - Halloween party supplies and table tips

    - Try exciting recipes for Halloween

    - The exciting thirteen days of Halloween

    - Party invitations for Halloween

    - Celebrating eve of black month

    - Throw 'a pumpkin carving party'

    - Organize a Halloween film-fest party

    - Organizing costume parties for kids and adults

    - Celebrating Friday, the 13th party
    * Halloween safety tips - for kids, adults, and treats
    * Halloween storage and decorations ideas
    * What is the future of Halloween?

    We have made this e-book in a way to make it your guide to plan your events and parties every season. No matter if you get too busy with life or forget the ideas for celebrating Halloween. Just refer to this handy e-book and you find several exciting and fresh ideas to try.

    Get Exciting Bonus Features With Every Order!!!

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    Bonus#2: 10 PLR Articles

    Price: $3.95 (master resale rights included)
    Item # 27306

    This offer will be closed in 30 days from the time of this posting, get a copy now before it's too late!

    Reply here if you want to buy, thanks! (No review copy is available)


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