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Thread: How to Start & Manage a Forum - eBook

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    How to Start & Manage a Forum - eBook

    Hello everyone. I have made my first eBook ever and I just wanted to sell it to you guys. The title of it is called How to Start & Manage a Forum. The main point of this mini eBook is to teach beginners how to start and manage a forum. Everyone is able to read this eBook as the words are not AS complicated or advanced as Harvard Ph.D words. :P

    The price I'm selling this eBook is at $5 a copy. I have unlimited copies. If you have bought a copy, I beg you not to share it with other people. A review copy is available for $3 but this review copy may only go to 1 person. Just reply below or PM for a review copy and I'll tell you guys if the review copy is still available. Also, this eBook will be in a .pdf file so you will need Adobe Reader to open these up. I also have the Microsoft Word copy so if you want that, I can give that to you too for the same price. Thanks so much for your support!

    My PayPal email is:
    Also, please send the money through PayPal as a GIFT! Thanks!

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    This is quite good for those who want to start a forum and want to go with it.there are so many people today that want to make forum or want to become members of that this ebook is really helpful.

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    can I get any overview that the book especially can offer me. I just want to be sure that the book gonna help me with new tactics.

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