OK, Why “I HATE PHP” over someone else’s book?
People that have a lot of knowledge in a specific area have a difficult time looking at it from a newcomer’s perspective, and writing as such. I’m not a PHP “guru” by any means – and I understand how hard it can be to grasp a concept. It’s split up into 3 sections, specifically written to start simple and build skills…with real world usage examples included!

I start with the basics of PHP – echoing to the screen, setting variables, using includes, etc. and move up from there to more advanced topics such as arrays, loops, and functions. Then it’s on to MySQL – connecting, reading, inserting – enough to get you started.
Who should read this e-book?
If you are familiar with HTML and can edit text documents in Notepad…you can understand this. I wrote this with novice-to-intermediate webmasters, designers, and internet marketers in mind. Don’t expect a lot of high-level programming in here. You’re not going to learn to build a complete shopping cart application from reading this – but it will help you understand functionality behind the cart.
Don’t take my word for it, though…

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