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Thread: Large ebook package ONLY 20 will be sold! (Updated May 31)

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    Large ebook package ONLY 20 will be sold! (Updated May 31)

    Get all the following products:

    1. Master Affilate Secrets - PUO
    2. Graphic Expert In A Box - MRR
    3. The Space Invader - MRR
    4. Internet Marketing Secrets Unlocked - MRR
    5. Beyond The Newbie - MRR

    6. CPA Cash Network - MRR
    7. Generating Daily Traffic To Your Website Quickly - MRR
    8. Internet Marketing Scripts - PLR

    9. Winning The Online War The Wordpress Way - MRR ---> Read below for more details
    Winning The Online War The Wordpress Way is one of the few eBooks that you encounter online that you will end up regretting if you don't purchase. This book will help catapault all of your sites (not just your blogs) with traffic almost from day 1.

    10. Tweettastic Twitter Traffic Revealed - PUO
    This 26 page report shows you how to use twitter to build relationship and following, at the same time drive quality free traffic.

    11. Killer Video Conversions - MRR
    12. Hot Trends Instant Cash (Videos and eBook) - MRR
    13. The Other Side Of List Building (Audio ebook) - MRR

    14. The SEO Wars - MRR
    Discover the real search engine optimization mind tricks that'll get you dominating the searching engines.

    15. The 7 Figure Code Blueprint - PLR
    Discover The Secrets Behind Mile Filsaime's and Tom Beal's Million Dollar Product.

    16. PLR BrainStorm (Videos) - MRR
    17. Operation Affiliate Cash - MRR
    18. 10 Methods Blogging Cash - MRR
    19. No Sales System - PUO

    20. The Internet Marketer's Guide to Article Marketing - MRR
    Discover How To Get Hordes of Free Traffic, Free Publicity and Increased Sales From Simple Articles

    21. IM Minisites Pro Pack - MRR
    22. Squidoo Basics - MRR
    23. eMarketing Website Profits - MRR
    24. Keyword Research Bible - MRR
    25. 7 Days To PLR Profits - MRR
    26. Traffic Heist - MRR
    27. ClickBank Results - MRR
    28. Adsense Domination Secrets - MRR

    29. CPA Overdrive - MRR
    The insider strategies of the most successful CPA marketers that will show you exactly how to build a powerhouse of profitable landing pages in just days!

    30. My Internet Marketing Newsletter - MRR

    31. BlackHat Matrix - PUO
    You Are About To Discover A Simple Brand New Method That Can Make Up $50-$100+ A Day

    32. Blogging For Maximum Profit - MRR
    Contains Everything You Need To Know About Strategically Monetizing Your Blog And How Doing So Can Help You Rake In The Cash!

    33. BlackHat Code - PUO
    Blackhat Code Will Teach You How To Use Controversial Techniques And Pump Cash Out Of The Internet That Even A Kid Could Do!

    34. BlackHat Buzz - PUO
    35. The Internet Marketing Profit Plan - MRR
    36. Ebook Money Machine - MRR

    37. Untapped Traffic Revealed - PUO
    Here's A Rare Opportunity For You To Discover A Completely Untapped Free Targeted Traffic Source And Start Using It Before Anyone Else Knows About It!

    38. BlackHat Cash Report - PUO
    39. Instant Infopreneur (Videos) - MRR
    40. BlackHat Flip Method - PUO
    41. BlackHat Bank - PUO

    42. Underground Secret Twitter Manifesto - MRR
    You’ll Discover How To Tap Into One Of The Most Powerful Viral Traffic Machines Online And Make More Money Than You Ever Imagined Using Twitter Marketing Secrets To Ethically Get Free Targeted Traffic On Auto-Pilot!

    43. Email Marketing Dynamo - MRR
    44. Slid Up Ad Generator (script) - MRR
    45. Super SEO GuideBook - MRR
    46. One Month To Your Own Online Business - MRR
    47. Testimonials Generator - MRR
    48. Real World Affiliate Profits - MRR
    49. Facebook Social Ads - MRR
    50. Cash Sucking Website Copy - MRR

    (PUO = Personal use only, MRR = Master resale rights)

    More details on Winning The Online War The Wordpress Way

    In Winning The Online War The Wordpress Way, you will discover:

    - How you can literally click one button and have a great-looking fully-functional website in less than 10 seconds!

    - How there are actually two versions of Wordpress and how each can outpower the other in certain situations!

    - How choosing the wrong host will kill your blog even before you have created it!

    - The importance of the order which you post information to your blog and how the obvious will often not be the correct choice!

    - The easiest way to give Google (and the other search engines) exactly what they want!

    - Why blogs can be an integral part of your link network even if you didn't know that you had one!

    - The easiest ways to make your blog stand out to human visitors (this just takes a few minutes).

    - What plugins are and why they are almost as important as your blog itself.

    - How to put Adsense or other advertising on your blog so you can be 100% sure that it is optimized correctly.

    - What settings you MUST change or else you will be penalized in a big way.

    - The important things that you should have on your front page.

    - The easiest way to have your visitors subscribing to your list.

    - And Much Much More...

    This offer has expired, you still can order this package on the link in my signature (product list may not the same, please go through before you click the order button), will post another offer when the package is updated.
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