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Thread: Learn The Real Domain Flipping Secrets From A Domain Flipper

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    Arrow Learn The Real Domain Flipping Secrets From A Domain Flipper

    A growing number of web entrepreneurs are turning to domain flipping to make money online. It is a sound strategy that offers low maintenance and high profits, while serving a market that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

    In this ebook you'll learn from an avid domain flipper:

    - 3 basic strategies that domainers use to profit from their domains

    - How to assess the value of a domain name

    - What type of domains are risky and not worth having

    - How to find unregistered domains

    - Where to search for expired domain names

    - How to start making right away

    - How to build value and traffic to your domains

    - When to sell your domain names

    - Things to consider when selling your domains

    Domains are one of the few intangible products that virtually anyone can make money with, the sky is the limit!

    Price: $7.00


    Ebook covers a lot of topics on domaining and domain flipping and does a good job of directing the readers attention to these important points like:

    Finding domains
    Domain Parking
    Domain Valuation
    When to sell / keep a domain
    Steering clear of certain bad domains
    Escrow services
    Where to sell

    Overall a good read especially for someone who is a beginning domainer wanting to learn more about the business. I even learned something new about the domain expiration cycle.
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