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Thread: Make Fast Money....3$

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    Make Fast Money....3$

    hello friends
    i am selling an ebook that will make you able to earn decent cash on daily basis

    I will outline the method in the nutshell and then and t
    with specific steps
    you need to take in order for it to work.
    So basically here is what the method is all about:

    price : 3$

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    Your description isn't very clear at all.

    What format is this in? How long is it? Does it require an initial investment and if so, how much are we looking at? Is the method whitehat or blackhat? Does it involve social networking or something different? You need to post more details if you ever want to sell something like this.

  3. I agree with Kovich, anyone buying the ebook will want some more information before making a buying decision.
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    Maybe its time NB come out with a suitable template for seller to fill in before they can sell EBooks here.

    This is getting so DP-ish.

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    i have sent review copy to Kovich.. so waiting for the review..

    friends you will find ebook value in review.

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