The above catch phrase still is and always will be the cornerstone belief of email marketing. It is one of those Golden Rules of being an internet marketer, reliable and a "take it to the bank" kind of truth.

If you can add names to your e-mail marketing list, you have the ability to send those people information about your products or services. Some of those people will buy, hence ‘the money is in the list’.

This ebook will teach you everything you need to know about developing your own money making email list in an ethical way including:

- What is the best email software to use so that you do not get in trouble for spamming

- Why all auto responders are not created equal!

- How to avoid angering your ISP when you send out mass emails

- Where to get the best email subscription forms for your website

- How to lure your customers into giving you their email using incentives

- How to drive targeted traffic to your website

- How to create powerful and compelling landing pages that will make anyone who visits your site want to subscribe to it

- How to build relationships with people using your email auto responder so that they will feel more connected to you, more trusting of you and more willing to buy what you have to sell

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