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Thread: My Secret To Finding High Pagerank Backlinks :: Earn $200 a Day :: RARE + Unsaturated

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    Arrow My Secret To Finding High Pagerank Backlinks :: Earn $200 a Day :: RARE + Unsaturated

    I'm selling my E-book titled 'My Secret To Finding High Pagerank Backlinks'.

    I've written this book myself. Its a 33 page e-book containing detailed information of my white-hat method of finding High Pagerank(I'm talking about even PR7+) dofollow pages from various sites where you can place you links to get a backlinks. There are plenty of screenshots to make things easier. I Can Guarantee that If you follow all my instructions, you can easily find Loads of PR6 & PR7 links within an hour itself.

    1) The method is Exclusive and rare.
    2) I've learned it myself and have used it to my profit in various ways.
    3) Its not at all saturated and i doubt even 0.01% of the Search Engine Optimizers would be using it to its full potential.
    4) No Initial Investment Required.
    5) Is 100% Guaranteed To Work For Everyone.
    6) You can sell the Links as well as use it for your own benefit.

    So What Do I Do With This Method?? How will these High Pagerank Pages help me??

    => #You can use them to build backlinks for your website and get your rankings up for every keyword you target.
    # I have even explained how you can get High Pagerank niche-specific backlinks which will enable you to skyrocket the SERPs for your targeted keywords with ease.
    # You can collect these links, make a list and sell it off easily on all webmaster forums.
    # You can do linkbuilding services for others, i.e. Dofollow Blog Commenting. A PR6 link easily sells for $2-15. Using my method you can get hundreds in a SINGLE DAY provided that you do the hardwork.

    Proof : I myself sell links, you can check Here, Here , Here, Here, Here, Here(3 PR8 Links) ,Here, Here(2 PR8 Links Too) and Here

    I sell just 25 copies for each list. All copies get sold normally within a day. I get loads of PMs from those who have missed out on buying but i can't make exceptions so as to keep the quality intact. This is the level of Demand. All of my Lists Always Have atleast 2 PR7 links, which is very very rare.

    Don't trust me about the revenue?? Here's the screenshot of the income from my previous list ::

    Most of the extremely authoritative links(PR7+ .Edu & .Gov) that i find, i keep them to myself.

    I don't have the time to do dofollow blog commenting else with just 30 high PR links i can easily make $150 per client.
    5 clients a day = 5x$150 = $750 in a single day (Getting 5 clients in a day is no big deal here on DP), infact you can offer your service on multiple forums like V7N, netbuilders, Wickedfire, Warriorforum, etc.. and earn a lot of Money.

    Why did You Write This e-Book??
    => Linkbuilding, which is off-page SEO holds 90% of the total SEO required to bring a site up the SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages) part from on-page SEO and age which constitute the remaining 10%.
    Buying a homepage link is very expensive, link exchanges are not recommended and other methods like article submissions, directory submissions are too tedious and time-consuming and they are not even fool-proof.
    MOST of the people don't know how to find high PageRank pages, some people spend hours in checking the source of a page to see if its nofollow or know and end up wasting time which can be used for other purposes.

    To explain in one sentence : My Method is Simple, Unknown to the Public, Requires a little bit of Thinking and can earn you a Continuous income in many ways.

    There are billions of pages on the web which can be put to use and people are not aware of their existence, using my method you can find all of these easily which cannot be found by automation or as easily by any other method.

    Note : This method is not at all related to Angela's and Paul's Method. Using my method the High Pagerank would be of the particular page you find. The homepage ofcourse would be having an equal of Higher Pagerank. So this is another plus point.

    This book is totally Newbie Friendly and Well worth for the pros too.

    For The Pros :: There may be 10 things from this book you know already and 100 other things you would never have thought of that can make those 10 known things 100 times better. There are so many tweaks that you can find High PR links from absolutely any niche.

    Price : $19.99

    Two Review Copies Available at $10 each for members having 20+ itrader.(Pm Me For That)

    Note : The buyer does not have Resale Rights For This Book.
    Use the button below to pay and receive instantly.

    Moneybookers( and Alertpay( are also accepted. If you wish to pay via them, just do the payment to the id's mentioned and Drop me a PM, then i'll have the e-book mailed to you.

    You Can mail me or PM me here for any Questions.

    Testimonials from Digitalpoint:: (Sorry for the small size, auto resized while attaching)
    Attached Images Attached Images

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