I’m an up-front person, and if there’s one thing that irritates me, it’s a lot of jargon.

Jargon and acronyms tend to KPO. (“Keep People Out”.)

And sometimes it's done deliberately to keep the potential profits to a 'select few'

And that’s the tragedy of so many new marketers ignoring CPA income secrets.

The truth is…

*CPA Marketing is simple.

*Getting in on the ground floor is easy.

*The rewards can be anywhere from 'nice' to substantial.

And it’s a heck of a lot easier than regular affiliate marketing – as well as half the work!

It’s also noticeably more profitable than Google Adsense – so much so that you’ll wish you’d tuned into CPA marketing sooner.

In this ebook. you'll learn:

- Join several CPA networks – and see how easy they make it for you to promote their well-streamlined and tested offers

- Learn how to pick and choose – both what you'll promote, and which one-click method you can use.

- Rack up points and be eligible for bonuses and rewards, with CPA Networks run on that sort of system

- 2 types of easy CPA marketing - and which is best to start with

- "Black Hat" flags to beware of - and how to avoid them

- The simple but fatal mistake you can make, when filling out a CPA Network application

- How to open a CPA Network account – to really “up” your chances of easily getting accepted

- 4 Questions CPA Networks will ask you - and what you must remember never to reply

- 2 priceless plug-ins that will stop you from unwittingly offending the Federal Trade Commission (and Google!)

Price: $7.00