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Thread: Normally $45- now $15 (Make €50/hr - 95% risk-free )

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    Thumbs up Normally $45- now $15 (Make €50/hr - 95% risk-free )

    Make €50/hr - 95% risk-free

    Normally at $45, now $15USD (no fees charged to me or I won't send until you repay the fees because nobody really reads anymore and it pisses me off >;[ )
    **First 5 will get it at $10
    let's try that. - i'm not here to make an income on this ebook just offering potential with a side bonus on my side.

    Here's the original thread for all reviews as such: [WTS] Make €50/hr - 95% risk-free
    Second promoting thread: [WTS] Make €50/hr - 95% risk-free

    So i have here a roulette system that works. I proved it the other by starting as low as €8 and making a lovely profit of €12 in 1 hour - that's pretty damn neat if you ask me! my bets were only at €0.01 so think about that!

    I am NOT giving out reviews as I have done so before as can be seen in the original thread

    This method is:

    - white hat
    - random
    - legal
    - works best in non-zero wheels but can work with one zero too
    - can be used online and in real
    - never will be saturated, it's tactic and technique not a cheat

    It's a step-by-step guide that will definitely 100% make you money. I am not here to make an income out of selling this ebook to make money so I'm giving people the opportunity to get it A LOT cheaper at ONLY $15USD time is limited though until my exams which are around early May.

    ** PM me for payment details - I accept paypal (preferred) & moneybookers, also, the original thread has FAQS etc if you read the posts. Also, payment method will be discussed via PM

    Oh and if you are going to claim this is a "Scam" before even having a look at my system, don't bother wasting your time because clearly you don't know anything about it

    Reviews: which can be found in the original thread(s)

    This ebook is indeed unique and I've never seen this method before - this is coming from somebody who has seen and read many methods and guides.

    The book itself seems to be well constructed with screenshots. As for the method, I've not really looked into it with great detail but it looks good.

    Good luck with sales.

    who later on added...

    As for the ebook, the method is good. I had to read it a few times to get the grasp of it, but I did eventually... maybe I'm not with it today. I have attempted this method at a casino I prefer to play at, making it a bit more risky (because of the 0), but I still won. The method does work and you can make it safer if you want, however like every method in roulette, you could lose. Your luck would have to be really really really bad, so the chances of losing are very very small. Follow the rule in the book and don't get greedy - I learned the hard way. Just remember that there are always risks with gambling, however methods such as these reduce those risks a lot.

    Good book overall, worth the price.

    Forgot to mention: if you have enough bankroll you can scale it up and earn more (so instead of 50 euros an hour, it can be multiplied to 500, but you need to have more to start with).
    ... you can win in real money mode. I made £60 in a couple of hours with one method.

    This ebook is an amazing ebook! You can surely make a lot of money from this ebook as long as you don’t be to greedy, $40 is a fair price for this ebook considering you will make this back in a day or two as long as you read the hole ebook and take notice of what he is telling you. I know use may be thinking this ebook is dearer then other ebooks on here but i am sure you will make money from this!
    He explains it all in detail! Anyone can follow the instructions.
    You may ask what’s different? Well with this ebook it shows you how not to get caught if you follow the instruction they will never know
    Trust me about a year back I searched the internet tried pretty much every online casino with the roulette method that you can find anywhere and let’s say I wasn’t really that successful lol.

    Thank you OP

    This looks to be a very good method! It is very well thought out and you actually will need to read it over a few times to understand it. I feel that it does take into consideration the fact of trying to be random a lot and i really like this. It is much more "advanced" than your usual red and black betting....I can see this earning pretty good. As with all betting there is a chance of losing but it is minimized greatly with this. I had thought about something like this before sorta but was not sure the best way to go about its great seeing it spread out for me, screenshots and all. I think the ability to win with this is a pretty good!

    ...who then goes on to say....

    For everyone still wondering....This isnt a red/black system..its not a bet odds then is a pretty random betting system that seems to be working well for me and others.
    The claims about roulette not being 100% always win is true and not true for this...the only way you could really lose with this is if you are playing on a really bad scamming website that reads where you place your bet and it literally tells it to make the ball fall on the few spots that are not covered. other than that its gotta be like a one in a million chance that you will COULD lose...but thats getting super technical because if you follow the directions exactly you should be building up more profit that you ever need to cover any losses easily.

    purchased this expecting same old rehashed rubbish, but what i got was a well thought out method for roulette, the op has defended her method throughout the previous threads where it was claimed this was a scam, well its no scam and its different to what you normally get, ive tried it out in practice mode and it won, so i had a go with real money and it won again no problem, my advice would be practice in free play untill you get the hang of it, then start on a low minimun bet table and as you win more increase your starting bets, you will have no problem making some cash, roulette is a fun game to play and as long as you dont get carried away this is a safe method, the op offers good advice in the ebook, and provides an email address if you have any questions.

    i've bought the ebook and have being practicing since then. the method is very clever and as long as you stick with the guide, you will never lost any money!. not going to reveal much, but this is one of the best buy i have in DP ... get it now ..


    Was quite skeptic before buying this ebook as i thought it would be just another red-black even odd method which has flooded on the internet for free.
    Its a 19 page .pdf format book.
    I must say that the method is quite unique and the OP has explained each and every method with screenshots, just incase you do not understand the roulette terms. And if you still do not understand it. Applied these methods, and must say that winning is a possibility, though there are risks but the chances are more.
    A must buy for the roulette freaks and don't be greedy, play only what you can afford.
    Ratings- 8/10

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    i'm not here to make an income on this ebook just offering potential with a side bonus on my side.
    Well, if you're not here to make an income, I'll take it for free.

    Anyway, posting reviews from DigitalPoint does not encourage anybody to buy your ebook.
    Random, unverifiable, external source reviews are essentially meaningless.

    Oh and if you are going to claim this is a "Scam" before even having a look at my system, don't bother wasting your time because clearly you don't know anything about it
    Of course we don't know anything about it - how would we? And most people think scam when you're claiming they can make 50 euros an hour without a notable risk. Furthermore, you're selling an ebook, and the vast majority of ebooks out there are absolutely worthless and a waste of money. So, how can we expect yours to be any different?

    Plus, I noticed people asking for proof of your earnings, and you not being able to provide it.
    So, unless I missed your grand revealing, that's pretty suspicious, no?

    Edit: Nevermind, I found it. Clearly photoshopped or edited in Paint.

    P.S. I see this has something to do with gambling (a magical roulette system).
    I hope you're aware of the illegalities of, and restrictions on, gambling in the United States and numerous other countries...

    Were you going to inform potential customers that they can't use the information?
    Or wait until they found out on their own after paying you?

    I notice you also neglected to post these reviews:

    I played roulette for years and talked to many people.
    There are no working method atm that works..(If it is, you can defiantly not buy it for $40.00 ....hahaha)

    If this method would work that much..Why don't you invest ALL YOUR money and live a great life rest of your life...Do you really have to sell the method when it give you allot of money daily?..haha what a joke.. seriously...

    Waste of money...
    And the fact that some of your reviews are from brand new members.
    (All but one, and that guy admitted he didn't look into the method.)

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