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Discover Why This Unusual Blog Strategy Will Give You An Enormous Advantage Over Your Competition -- And Why Dominating Google With Unprecedented Ease Will Hand You Cash For Years To Come.

What You Will Learn:

A step-by-step blueprint to researching, building, and marketing a blog that has the potential to PROFIT you 6-figures a year by crushing the search engine competition with superior intelligence and brute force!

The result will be a massive amount of FREE, highly targeted visitors that you will then convert into sales, leads, or clicks. This creates a substantial recurring income and a legitimate “Internet real estate asset” for you.

The foundation is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) “best practices” and the difference-maker is a little bit of Octoblog Secret Sauce! The effective methods used by experts and cleverly combined them, resulting in a SEO POWER FORMULA that your competitors are just not using.

You’ll be getting:

Ideology – You’re going to hear the theory behind it. Not only will this will save you hundreds of hours and dollars trying to collect and learn all of this information, but you will also know WHY you're doing it, which is even more important than knowing WHAT to do!

Methods – The exact methods for setting up the blog. I get into EVERY LAST DETAIL.
Here are some of the topics which will be discussed:

• Exactly how to do correct keyword and market research that will attract a massive swarm of highly targeted traffic that is ready to take ACTION.

• How to apply intricate "blog setup" strategies so you give yourself the best chance to rank in the search engines.

• How to do optimal "Internal Linking" and "Outbound Linking" so you make Google see you as an "authority site."

• How to do proper copywriting, tracking, and testing so you squeeze every last cent out of each visitor.

• How to use cutting-edge article marketing strategies to explode your traffic and send super-valuable "link juice" to your pages without leaving a massive footprint!

• How to engage in OPTIMAL "backlinking" to skyrocket your ability to dominate Google's first page and drastically improve your chances of success. These tips alone will save you countless hours and loads of money.

Specifically how to rank in top spots for competive keywords, dominate entire pages of SERPS, increase your CTR, and score badass DOUBLE LISTINGS!!

• How to take advantage of the amazing built-in advantage with this method, giving you a HUGE leg-up on your competition.

• How to expand your blog so you can crank up your traffic, increase your PageRank, and ultimately explode your income.

• And much more!

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