So what exactly IS S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) ?

SEO can be defined as the process of driving traffic to your website organically (unpaid) from the search engines.

That's the technical bit over with.

All you REALLY need to know is that there are two kinds of people in the online marketing world:

1. Those who know the SEO shortcuts and how to use them

2. Those who DON'T

Your online business requires a lot of work.

SEO is VITAL to your business.

It can mean the difference between success and failure - it's THAT important.

In this ebook you'll discover:

- SEO shortcuts in EASY to understand language

- What parts of SEO matter and what just aren't worth the effort

- How to make sure your content is relevant to the keyword phrases being searched

- How to optimize your website with keywords and linking structures

- How to build powerful inbound links to your website from others in your niche

- The onsite optimization methods that really work

- How the search engines work and what they're looking for

- How meta tags can seriously boost your SEO

- What permalinks do and how they can work for your site

- Why sitemaps are vitally important

- The truth about 'titles'

- What is a 'Pinglist'

- Vital wordpress plugins that can make SEO quicker and easier by FAR

- Off site optimization techniques

Price: $5.50

Master Resale Rights Included!

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