In this eBook you will discover the single most effective and efficient way to do research for your business without blood, sweat or tears or forking out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for market research information that may not even be correct!

Stick with the winners and Google is the Winner when it comes to being the most popular and effective of research tools!

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In this ebook it will outline how you can use Google to launch your web based business for free and practically from scratch. I cover such little known helpful facts about the Google suite of tools such as --

- How Google offers you two ways of creating your own website for free using net based tools and resources

- How Google offers a very comprehensive range of net based tools and resources that allows anyone to start a business completely from scratch using nothing but Google owned tools

- How to use free Google tools to identify viable online markets and establish that there is money to be made

- How one particular Google tool help you put together a marketing plan to ensure that people will find your site on their search engine pages

- How to use a Google tool to analyze your competition and find out how much money is changing hands

- How to use Google tools to find out what the most popular products or services in a particular market sector

- How you can use Google to find investors for your business

- How to use Google to find affiliates for your business

- How to use Google to find free articles to enhance your website

- How to use Google to find links to your website

- How to use Google to start a blog that enhances your website

Price: $7.00