Are High Ticket Items Dead?

Yes! There is less spare cash available as the global cash crisis has a noticeable effect on private individuals burdened with job loss and crippling debt!

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that it is going to be harder to sell higher priced items online then it is lower priced items.

In this eBook I tell you everything you need to know to navigate the issue including:

- How to give an impressive product launch no matter what size or price your items are

- How the most super successful gurus online are managing to still make money during this recession by adjusting their prices

- What the right low ticket price just might be for that informational product you are selling

- How to adjust your niche market product so that it will sell in these changing times

- How to price a full eBook and bonus package nowadays without going broke!

- The newest strategies that you should apply to pricing Clickbank products to encourage affiliates to sell the product for you

- How to think more in terms of value and salability and not in terms of price

- Why it could be a big mistake to offer anything for free in this type of economic climate

- How to determine what your target market might see as an affordable price

- How to sacrifice one sale in order to gain five more new customers

- How to stop looking at your business in terms of sales numbers and look at it more in terms of total income

- Why it is a mistake to use the "straight line" method in order to price your products

- How to start thinking of your products as investments that have a return over the long term instead of as short term profit makers

- Why it is especially crucial for you to look at what your competition is doing during these hard times

- How to create new products from Master Resell Products to keep your prices down

- How to use strategies to make a handsome profit from Master Resell Products with very little money upfront

- How to think outside the box and sell other things besides written materials - think audio and video materials!

- How to price a product so that it undermines what your competition might be selling a similar product at

- How to use the presentation of the product to get the edge over your competitor

- How to use case studies and recorded interviews to convince your customer to buy from you.

- Tips on using video materials and graphics to enhance your sales pages and landing pages so that people are more inclined to buy

- The cheapest place online that will enable you to create hard copy CDs or DVDS for as little as $1.75 a copy

- How to outsource the writing of your materials without paying an arm and leg and still make a profit

- How to write a killer sales letter to convince your customer that they are getting an extremely valuable product or service at a bargain price

- How to master the art of the short private consultation to convert a customer to buying all of your products

- And MOST IMPORTANTLY how to determine when a product is priced too low!

- One of the most dangerous things you could do in your business is price a product too far beneath your competitions. This is because studies show that people still maintain that age old attitude

Price: $7.00