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Thread: WTS: Singapore's 45th Birthday Sale + Free Review Copies!

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    Arrow WTS: Singapore's 45th Birthday Sale + Free Review Copies!

    My country: Singapore, is celebrating her 45th birthday (National Day) on August 9, I am glad to announce that I am holding a big discounted sale to my Internet Marketing products package in the time of this happy moment. Just take note that this offer will be expired in August 10, 2010.

    What will be the price? Just a mere $1.50!!

    It consists of the following products

    1. Squeezepages For Newbies (ebook)
    Master The Skills Of Crafting Your Own Squeezepages That Suck in Fresh Leads Like A Vacuum... Without The OFF Switch!

    2. Instant Product + Fast Traffic (ebook)
    A System that generate products and traffic with almost no work. This system will quickly give you a product that hooks people in and it will give you the traffic that makes sales.

    3. Marketing Roadmap Success (videos)
    Discover How You Too Can Use This Easy To Understand Marketing Roadmap Video To Gain The Traffic Results Your Business Needs

    4. Outsource Explosion (ebook)
    Explode your business profits by letting other people do the work for you! This 44 page ebook will show you how to deal with most of the problems involved with outsourcing for the first time, and indeed how to avoid many of them before you even start.

    5. SEO Revenge (ebook)
    Discover a Step-by-Step, Instructional Way To Turn Your Business Into A Cash Cow With Totally Free Traffic And Start Making Huge Profits!

    6. Offline SEO Pro (videos)
    This video series was made for online marketers who want to sell services to offline business, in terms of SEO; or how how to help offline businesses rank better in Google.

    7. Traffic Armour Keywords (videos)
    A video series on creating killer keywords & phrases for unstoppable traffic.

    8. Marketing Secrets Unlocked (ebook)
    Welcome to the inner circle guys! I am about to hand you the key to open the secrets of successful Internet Marketing.

    9. Content Flipping Profits (ebook)
    Just follow a few simple tips and you could easily turn old private label rights (PLR) ebooks and articles into instant PayPal cash.

    10. Cost Per Action Marketing 101 (videos and ebook)
    I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step everything you need to know about getting started in Cost Per Action marketing so you can start making money. It's really that simple.

    11. Quick Weight Loss Action (ebook)
    Your Easy Step By Step Guide To Losing All That Stubborn Fat And Make You Looking Healthy, Sharp & Sexy Again!

    12. Twitter Boom (ebook)
    Shortcut Straight To The Twitter Techniques That Are ESSENTIAL To You As An Internet Marketer, And Leave Out All The Padding And Fluff!

    13. Social Traffic Profits (videos)
    A video series showing you how to turn social traffic into cash producing leads for your business, discover how to build high converting leads for your niche by using social networking sites.

    14. Outsourcing Secrets (videos and ebook)
    Want To Discover How You Can Easily Outsource Your Business Without Pain Or Worries? You Are About To Discover The Tips And Tricks To Do So!

    15. YouTube Video Marketing Secrets (videos and ebook)
    I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step everything you need to know about setting up and mastering YouTube and video marketing so you can start generating traffic and making money.

    16. Get More Backlinks (ebook)
    Building a solid backlink campaign is one of the easiest methods of generating fresh, targeted traffic to any website, squeeze page, landing page or anywhere else you choose, so if you are a complete beginner, you will be able to generate unlimited traffic to your website without any difficult learning curve, time consuming strategy or expensive marketing tactics.

    17. Article Marketing SuperHero (ebook)
    The single most powerful strategy for building web presence, credibility and trust, find out how you can be an article marketing superhero.

    18. 27 Essential Rules of Internet Marketing (ebook)
    Get more traffic, sales and leads for your internet business just by following these 27 essential rules and tactics of Internet Marketing.

    19. Online Branding Secrets (ebook,videos,MP3 Audio)
    This simple to execute, straight forward guide will reveal to you how you can easily create a successful and powerful brand that your prospects will recall as easily as McDonald's is associated with fast food and Coke with soda!

    20. Traffic Lottery (script)
    Traffic Lottery Script is a Web 2.0 Play lottery and win traffic to promote your website.

    21. Go High Ticket (ebook)
    Secrets of Creating High Ticket Products for Your Back-End Funnel!

    22. Backlink Flood (ebook and software)
    Using Rapid Link Indexing (RLI) and following the step-by-step blueprint to building high quality links, you can have your content and links indexed in less than 24 hours, and start driving targeted traffic and sales in less than ONE WEEK.

    23. How to Write Your First Article (ebook)
    Discover How You Can Easily Write Your First Article So You Can Take Advantage of Everything Article Marketing Has to Offer! This guide is designed to teach ANYONE how to write an article that will get readers to click on the link in the Author’s Resource Box and visit their website.

    24. Outsourcing Survival Kit (ebook)
    For The First Time Ever, The Secrets Of Outsourcing Are Revealed In A Comprehensive Tome That Will Help You Master Your Own Destiny And Boost Your Productivity For The Most Profit Possible!

    25. The Greatest Research Tool Ever (ebook)
    In this eBook you will discover the single most effective and efficient way to do research for your business without blood, sweat or tears or forking out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for market research information that may not even be correct!

    26. Writing and Blogging For Cash (report)
    Cash in on the articles collecting dust on your computer or write reviews for up to $350 on 50 sites that pay you to write and blog. Many of these sites are rampant with hungry readers who you can advertise your sites, products and brand to while getting paid to do it!

    27. CPA Relapse (ebooks and videos)
    Underground CPA guy snatches the CPA formula and makes hundreds of dollars a month on complete autopilot! A 90-pages detailed, Step-by-Step guide that contains the exact CPA cash formula used to cash in from FREE Traffic.

    28. SEO For Busy Marketers (ebook)
    Without SEO your site could get lost in the search engines forever, learn how to optimize your website with keywords and linking structures, build powerful inbound links to your website from others in your niche.

    29. The Octopus Blog Method (ebook)
    This is a step-by-step blueprint to researching, building, and marketing a blog that has the potential to PROFIT you 6-figures a year by crushing the search engine competition with superior intelligence and brute force!

    30. 5 Blog Themes (blog themes)

    31. Secret Wholesale Guide To Designer Name Clothing (ebook)
    Are you interested in selling designer name clothing such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Prada on eBay? Francis Ochoco, the world's first eBay Entrepreneur Of The Year, will be revealing to you the very same suppliers he has used to create a very, very lucrative eBay business.

    32. Viral Marketing Secrets (videos and ebook)
    In this no holds barred, straight forward guide you will discover how to utilize proven and easy methods to create viral products that will spread over the net rapidly, bringing your website and business profile along with it!

    33. Exploiting Clickbank For Fast Profits (ebook)
    Finally a how-to-manual exists that teaches you how to exploit Clickbank and it's money-making potential from every single angle! Learn how to promote your product, attract targeted traffic and land the big sales numbers that you have always dreamed of as an affiliate publisher or marketer!

    34. WordPress Blog Builder (videos)
    This video series covered topics on Installing WordPress blog on your web host, Setting up the WordPress blog after installation, Installing essential plugins, Installing themes and Transferring WordPress blog from one web host to another. It also includes 10 WordPress themes.

    35. 5 Minute Articles (videos)
    Don't Take 20 Minutes Or More To Write Another Article...I'm Going To Teach You How To Spend 5 Minutes To Write A Competition-Busting Article That Will Get Up to A 70% Click Thru Rate Each And Every Time!

    36. Mastering The Secrets Of CPA Marketing (ebook)

    37. My Keyword Crook (software)
    Quicky and easily swipe the keywords from your competition, save time building keyword lists for your next niche website.

    38. SEO Reborn (ebook)
    Introducing A Complete Underground Secret SEO Solution In Ranking Your Website On The First Page Of Google Without Paying A Dime For Traffic!

    39. Sourcing And Hiring The Best Web Designers (ebook)
    A step-by-step guide to finding the best possible web designer for your budget.

    40. 100 WordPress Blog Themes
    In this package, you will get 100 different WordPress blog themes, you can use them to build your own blogs or resell them, great for freelancers or resellers, those who build blogs for others, add these beautiful themes to your inventory now!

    41. Backend Mastermind (ebook)
    Find out exactly how to to set up a profitable back-end system that is guaranteed to maximize your income with very little time or work involved. These proven strategies are responsible for generating thousands of dollars in added profits, and will work for every market and niche imaginable.

    42. Building The Perfect Sales Funnel (ebook)
    Learn How to "Suck In" More Customers Using Basic Sales Funnel Techniques

    43. PLR Cash Machine (videos)
    This video tutorial is jam packed with step by step strategy and technique designed to help you quickly and easily transform inexpensive PLR products into highly profitable businesses for you.

    44. ClickBank Emails (content)
    These Message Sets, Just For ClickBank Affiliates, Creates Attentive and Receptive Readers - Ready To Click and Buy and Puts Your Marketing On Autopilot. These ClickBank Message Sets can be added to your autoresponder sequence or they can be blog posts, on your website or used in your postcard marketing - automatically earning larger affiliate commissions for you.

    45. List Building Bullet (ebook)
    List Building Bullet is far more than a simple, comprehensive guide to list building. This guide delivers a step by step blueprint to building a massively profitable mailing list in the shortest amount of time possible.

    46. List Building Unmasked (ebook)
    With this complete guide to email marketing, you will be able to create highly profitable mailing lists that are busting at the seams with fresh, targeted subscribers in record time.

    47. 10K In 30 Days (video)
    Watch and learn how a successful marketer went to earn $10,000 in less than 30 days. You'll get all the secrets in this video so you can copy exactly what this marketer does to make money online.

    48. The Newbie Workbook and Article Marketing Workbook (ebook)
    The Newbie Workbook gives you a step-by-step method to promote any ClickBank affiliate link. The Article Marketing Workbook shows how you can become a more successful article marketer.

    49. 55 Custom ClickBank Product Reviews (content)
    These are custom reviews for top 55 ClickBank products including the upcoming ones. All articles already have hoplinks to the Clickbank product, so all you have to do is to insert your own ClickBank's ID, rather than having to go the marketplace and finding the individual hoplink.

    50. PPC Marketing Millions (ebook)
    Adwords insider blows the whistle and reveals a method of exploiting the system and generating explosive PPC results every day!

    Internet Basics 101 (ebook)
    'Internet Basics 101 In 10 Easy Steps' Teaches You Exactly What You Need To Know - And Doesn't Overwhelm You With Jargon & Assumptions

    Most of these products have resale rights so you can sell them and keep 100% profits, and I will also give you a link to download the past free ebooks which I have offered!!

    But wait!! Did I mentioned "Free Review Copies" in the title of this posting? Yes, I will give out free review copies to selected lucky members of this forum! Just leave a reply here and if you are chosen to receive the review copy, all I ask in return is to post a simple review in this thread.

    Thanks for reading and wish Singapore Happy Birthday!!


    P.S. You can go to my sales page for full details or to order, the link is in my signature.
    P.P.S. This offer will be expired in August 10, 2010
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    Can i get a review copy please ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rahulkucheria View Post
    Can i get a review copy please ?
    Just sent you an PM, pls post the review ASAP, thanks!


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    You're a Singaporean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1901gt View Post
    You're a Singaporean?
    Yes I am

  6. Quote Originally Posted by 1901gt View Post
    You're a Singaporean?
    Other islanders include Derek, ebizlaunch, fast1, pmlharry, small, and of course m42 and myself.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
    I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    Other islanders include Derek, ebizlaunch, fast1, pmlharry, small, and of course m42 and myself.
    Great to see so many members come from the little red dot

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    Do I get a chance of testing this package? Bought your other package the other day so might be a great addition
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post

    Do I get a chance of testing this package? Bought your other package the other day so might be a great addition

    Just sent you an PM, remember to leave a review

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    Here is my review:
    There are so many ebooks to review that it's an impossible job. I started reading SEO Revenge and found it very good so far. Shows enough screenshots on how to do things, which often is forgotten in other ebooks. The information is sometimes the basic stuff we all know from forums, but it gets interesting when they start talking about the software you can use with the "generated" files.

    I have also seen there are some books you can resell in this package, I won't do this just because I got this package as a review copy -- but it's nice for the payers!

    Alright let me post the conclusion now: For just $1,50 you get all these books? Tons of information? Heck I'd recommend it to everyone, you won't get rich quick with one of these books but it's a great kick off and actually you learn more and more stuff along the way.

    Thanks for letting me review it, I actually bought a Netbook just to start reading all my ebooks -- including these
    |Nico Lawsons

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