There are lots of different ways to monetize your website, but most methods commonly used either involve getting thousands of people to click on an ad that pays you less than a quarter or convincing people to spend their money on a product that you make a percentage of.

Neither option is as simple as the CPA option. In CPA, you can take a small amount of traffic and make a tremendous amount of money from each person, without convincing them to purchase anything at all.

CPA is a win-win-win formula for everyone involved. Advertisers win because they are paying you for a lead, your customers win because they will receive a gift for their action and you win because you'll get a fat paycheck for your hard work. CPA works well for everyone.

This guide will teach you how to create your very own CPA campaign and it will teach you exactly how to properly configure your campaign so that it is guaranteed to make you a profit.

One of the truly beautiful things about CPA is that there is virtually no downside to running a campaign. A failed campaign doesn't cost you anything and it won't upset your advertisers. A successful campaign can make you thousands of dollars instantly.

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