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Thread: Are you still stuck in the newbie stage?

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    Arrow Are you still stuck in the newbie stage?

    Don't waste anymore time being a newbie. If you feel like you're ready to make some serious cash online, this is the one book you need to read. Learn what it takes to go beyond being just another newbie today:

    - Understand Why You Are Spending Your Time Working Online And How TO Make It Work For You!

    - Learn How To Build A Planning Structure That Will Bring Cash Right To Your Front Door!

    - Find A Mentor Who Can Show You First Hand What Your Missing!

    - Teach Yourself For Free!

    - Build Your Business As Either An Affiliate, An AdSense Marketer Or As A Bum Marketer!

    - Create For Yourself A Daily Mini-Plan To Help You Reach Your Goals!

    Don't Be A Newbie Forever, Rise To The Next Level Today!

    Price: $7.00



    hey all, i was lucky enough to get a review copy of this eBook. i have had a quick glance over all of the sections (some sections were so interesting i went back to read them fully). This is an amazing book and i wish i had it back when i started Internet Marketing. It turns out that even now a lot of the information in this book helped me out.

    For people wanting to get into internet marketing, people who have just started and people who have been internet marketing for a while but dont seem to be getting far enough, this book is a godsend for you. its packed with information in its huge 42 pages of content.

    I would definately recommend this purchase to most people, and for only $7, the info in this book could save you wasting a lot more money on other material/schemes for internet marketing.

    thanks heaps for this eBook. +rep and a 10/10 rating for your book.

    This is very long and detailed ebook. If you are a new to internet marketing it can teach you a lot of stuff. I recommend you get this because it only costs $7. I also don't think he mentioned it comes with Master resell rights.

    A very informative ebook
    My rating

    I was a complete newbie to DP as I struck DP when I was searching net for freelance work. Within a month, I could finish some freelancing jobs where in other sites, it was quite impossible due to heavy bidding system. While I was browsing DP, I saw tons of ebooks offered claiming to make $$$$. But I was afraid to buy as I was completely new to marketing.

    Today has been my lucky day as I got a review copy for this ebook. This is definitely worth reading for newbies. This not only listed the different types of marketing ways to earn in detail but also the essential tools and forums where we can find good resources for earning. Also, the first few pages explains how not to get lost and how to setup plans for successful business. And the best of all, the author says that this book can be given away for free or can be rebranded and sold.

    My favorite spots of the book were the resources which the author has listed. As a newbie, I am happy to get to know about all the resources at one place. Rating : 9.5/10 (for newbies).
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    hmm.... What do you think about lower price?

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