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Thread: Before I die I want to...

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    I want to marry once again.

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    before I die I want to get married,traveling to Mecca, and I want to be with my empty graveyard for one month before I sleep in it forever

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    well there are lot many things to around the all the wonderful activities.. get name and fame etc. etc.....

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    Travel around the world, interact with every possible culture. Stay for a week in the 7 star hotel in dubai. Eat different recipes from all around the world.
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    Before I die I want to... live for 100 years more.

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    take care of my friends and family, see the world, throw out the first pitch at a Cubs game, score a touchdown at Notre Dame stadium, sky dive, hang glide, become a succesful business man

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    Publish a series of cross genre novels from fantasy to contemporary addressing social problems, and actually have them widly read before i die.
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    ... discover the secret to eternal life!

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