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Thread: Before I die I want to...

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    be very very successful.

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    see all the wonders of the world (the 7 world wonders)

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    Touch snow, ski, be remarkable, motivate and inspire others. Lastly, make a blog post about my death (if possible) :P .
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    lol! you should type the post, go sit and put the cursor on "publish". If you die you should fall down on your mouse and click. that would be awesome.

    also: if you come to the netherlands I can show you snow (in the winter)

  5. I want to climb a mountain...a really tall one...and sky dive again!!
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    be a master at designing. (Lame, i know :P)

  7. #7 the World. I've already been to many places, but there's still a lot I haven't seen.

    I'd also like to HALO jump which is from 35,000 feet, which I believe is more than twice the height of skydiving.

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    play the solo in a movie music score.

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    Go on a long cruise.

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    Go on a world tour!

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