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Thread: Bollywood megastar held at US airport

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    Arrow Bollywood megastar held at US airport

    MUMBAI - Indian Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan said he felt angry and humiliated after he was detained and questioned at a U.S. airport, sparking an uproar in India among his fans.

    Khan, 43, one of India's best known actors, was enroute to Chicago for a parade to mark the Indian independence day on Saturday when he was pulled aside at Newark airport Friday, he said.

    "I was really hassled perhaps because of my name being Khan. These guys just wouldn't let me through," he said in a text message to reporters in India.
    After a couple of hours' interrogation, he was allowed to make a call, he said, and he got in touch with the Indian consulate who vouched for him and secured his release.

    "Absolutely uncalled for, I think. I felt angry and humiliated," said Khan, who had just finished a month-long shoot in the United States for his upcoming film "My Name is Khan," which is about a Muslim man's experience with racial profiling.

    A U.S. consul official in India told a television channel they were inquiring into the matter.

    As news of Khan's detention broke on Indian television channels, which have played up attacks in Australia on Indian students, fans and actors began posting angry comments on the Internet.

    "Shocking, disturbing n downright disgraceful. It's such behavior that fuels hatred and racism. SRK's a world figure for God's sake. Get real!!," tweeted actor Priyanka Chopra.

    Indian Information Minister Ambika Soni told a television station that while she could not say if Khan had been detained "on religious grounds, there have been too many instances like these in the U.S. concerning Indians."

    Last month U.S-based carrier Continental Airlines apologized to former Indian president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for frisking him at New Delhi airport.

    Source: Bollywood star held in U.S. airport, fans outraged - Yahoo! Singapore News

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    Ya, I also heard about it !

    And I feel its ok ! Not a big issue.

    - Digital -

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    Yes SRK was detained for two and half hours.

    Lots of reactions were there from big shots on that yesterday.


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    What American understand themself
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    I do not think we are hearing the entire story.

    There was probably something in his travel profile that caused him to be questioned. If he became belligerent, that would cause the agents to detain him for further questioning. I can see arrogance in his comments, which is probably what escalated the situation. I'm an American and I have been pulled aside (legitimately) for questioning because I made last-minute flight reservations. That can trigger questioning. I was once questioned on 3 out of 4 flights on one trip due to the way I made my reservations.

    This guy may be well-known in India, but he is unknown in the USA. We do not see Bollywood movies here and his celebrity status does not give him special privileges when it comes to security.

    There are three groups in the USA who you do not mess around with: the IRS (our tax people), the Customs Department and airport security. They have much more authority than other government groups and you are frequently treated as if you are guilty until you can prove your innocence.
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    Bob Dylan was detained by NJ Police on the same weekend. The Police picked him up while walking down the street at 5:00 P in broad daylight. When asked who he was, Dylan responded, "I'm Bob Dylan" the Police then asked them what he was doing there and he responded, "I'm on tour". He was taken into custody and later released after being driven to his hotel where the hotel staff vouched for him.

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