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Thread: Do you believe in love marriage or arrange marriage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anantshri View Post
    do you have any exact figure which says its widespread.

    also their are acts and rules already in place.

    so just by finding few media prints stating its widespread doesn't actually means its widespread.

    young generation is recognizing it and trying their level best to avoid any such circumstances.
    Hi, I read on wikipedia about the subject and it said

    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia, CNN
    Indian police say that every year they receive more than 2,500 reports of bride-burning -- a form of domestic abuse often disguised as an accident or suicide.
    If things did change then I'm sorry and am grateful for your update.

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    Arranged marriage seems one of those strange outmoded and outdated concepts and a tradition that certain cultures don't want to let go.

    Although, i do have a friend who is going to have to have an arranged marriage and he seems fine with it...

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    If you have had issues before the marriage - it is only a matter of time till they come back...

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    I believe in Love marriage because if you don't know any thing about any person then how you marry.

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    I believe in love marriages, because its better if i marry someone i have known for a long time, rather than marry someone on the spot and then realize she is full of flaws that i cannot handle.
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    I believe in love marriage because in this type of marriage we get the time to know person very well whereas in the arrange marriage we get very less time to know each other. In love marriage, there is no support of family but if your partner is good and well settled then they also agree with you.

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    I believe too in Arrange marriage and I believe in LOVE.

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    I would not get married if I do not love my significant other ... I just cannot imagine getting married if I was not in love ... I am not knocking arranged marriage at all, just do not think I could do that personally

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    I think more often love is a convenient excuse for couples to arrange a marriage between themselves. I dont see much of ever after happening these days. For now and with caring respect seems to be winning the race these days.
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    What is better: an arranged marriage, or an Elvis Wedding in Las Vegas to a women that you just met an hour ago?

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