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Thread: Do you still listen to the radio?

  1. I listen to the radio a few hours a day. I usually have it on while I'm working on the internet. Then I listen to it in bed for an hour or two. (There are a couple of good talkback shows here in Sydney that start at midnight.)

    Actually, I now listen to the radio more than at any time in my life. Ironic, since there are so many different media to choose from now.

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    Personally I only listen to online radio - I like it as it is a lot clearer.

    The only time I listen to the normal radio is when I'm driving.
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    Rarely while driving (if I don't have my own music) or if in some establishment that keeps playing it.
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    I stopped listening to the radio about a year ago. Now it's all on-line news for me.

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    I only listen for less than 30 minutes of my time in the radio.

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    20-25 minutes a day listening to FM.

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    I listen to it while I'm driving, and I'll pull it up at work and listen to it online
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    I am currently listening to the radio

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    I listen to the radio very little any more. Maybe when I am driving to work. Most of the time i have a cd on.

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    Yes I still listen to radio every time i wake up in the morning,before and after i go in to the shower So i can be updated on what's happening around me.

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