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Thread: Do you still listen to the radio?

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    i do ..... when driving

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    only blogtalk radio cause couple of my friends have a show there
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

  3. Yes, I am still listening to the radio, mostly online radio stations and normal radios while I am driving my car!

  4. when got time n want to relax

  5. yes i still listen the radio beacuse it is a diffrent thing and make me amuse

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    I listen to radio almost every morning, actually not me who hear it,it my mother who do it,just because she play the radio load,that make me have to hear it as well

  7. if i could i would not listen to it at all, but unfortunatelly i am working in the office where it is turned on during 9 hours O_o

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    We have lots of options in FM stations, and many organized players has entered in to this segment, and due to competition the quality has improved a lot.

    They are providing, entertainment, news and current updates.

    As mentioned before I listen radio every day on my morning Walk, it's fun with latest updates.

    My favorite RJ's are Malishka and Jeeturaj


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    yes i too listen to it really refreshes u and gives a relaxation..even when u r bored, it is ur best buddy...the latest entertainment talks, gossips, news, etc. etc..i enjoy a lot listening to them!!!

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