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Thread: Favorite Movie?

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    My favorite movies are:

    - Inception
    - Indiana Jones
    - Tork
    - Troy
    - Gladiator.

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    My fav movie is "The Bridges of Maddison County". Meryl Streep us a wonderful actress. Am so happy she won this year's academy award...

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    And we live in Madison County, Iowa....where the movie was filmed.
    Been of course to all the covered bridges.
    Been of course to the diner where they ate while filming.
    Even sat in the same booth that Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep sat in.
    And talked to many locals who were extras in the movie, extra help for the crews.

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    Mine favorite movies are
    Baby days out

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    Contraband or Safe house

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    My favorite movie are
    Fast Five

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    My all time favorite movie is Titanic.

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    300 and Avatar always favorite.

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    Pursuit of Happiness
    Gifted Hands

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