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Thread: Favorite Movie?

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    -Prince of Persia
    -The karaty kid are my favorite.

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    My favorite movies are Avatar,The Expendable and Transformer 1,2,3,4,etc
    The price of freedom is eternal vigilence

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    MY favorite movies are
    My Name is Khan

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    My favourite movies are:
    1. 300
    2.The social network
    3. 2012
    4. The Italian job
    5. Fast five

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    Currently it's Drive. Kavinsky's Nightcall gives me goose bumps every time I watch the movie and that track comes up.

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    Movies that I watch throughout the year:
    The Big Lebowski, The Big Lebowski (1998) - IMDb (1990s)
    Cool Hand Luke, Cool Hand Luke (1967) - IMDb (1960s)
    War Games, WarGames (1983) - IMDb (1980s)
    Red Dawn, Red Dawn (1984) - IMDb (1980s)
    The DI, The D.I. (1957) - IMDb (1950s)

    I've not really re-watched any movies made in the last decade except for these that my 2 year old makes me watch a lot :
    Cars, IMDb - Cars (2006)
    Monsters, INC Monsters, Inc. (2001) - IMDb

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    Mine is The Perfect Storm, cant stop myself for watching it again & again!

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    Mine is Inception. With this complex movie in it's high concept, a stellar cast is needed. And Nolan as always, delivers with just that. This is vintage DiCaprio, perhaps only equalled in The Aviator, which is even more impressive as his role as Cobb in Inception is not a showy one, needing DiCaprio to be the constant at the centre of the film. And he pulls off Cobb's emotional contradictions sublimely. The rest of the cast members all shine in parts of the films, Cillian Murphy shows off his usually non-existent tender side, Gordon-Levitt bottles his usual charm for his confidently reserved turn as the reliable Arthur, Watanabe is devilish as the seemingly ambiguous Saito, Page shows why she's the next big female star and Tom Hardy revels in being the comic relief of the film compared to his recent turns as decidedly psychopathic characters.

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    Great copy and paste job peter!
    Stealing from another site and posting here on this forum.
    WIthout giving the true site/author!

    You, sir, are a thief!

    Inception Reviews & Ratings - IMDb

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    Harry Potter every version i like to watch again and again.

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