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    Film Chat

    I thought we could use this thread to discuss any movies you have seen latley and would like to share your opinon, please don't give away huge spoilers, you might spoil it for others.

    The last film i saw in the cinema was Transformers, i thought it was an awesome film, the graphics were stunning and the story was decent i never did follow the cartoon so i cannot compare, deffenantly worth watching.

    Has anybody watched the new Harry Potter? Im not sure if i should pay to watch it in the cinema, id like to hear your opinions first.

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    Dude the opening sequence was brilliant
    i should have waited till 29th of july for more 3D experience
    so watch it when it releases in 3D in more scenes
    and oh yes...the movie was brilliant

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    They're making a 3d version :O sweet, i love 3d films their just so fun.
    What other films are in 3D? I heard My Blood Valentine was, has anybody seen that?

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    I have seen My Blood Valentine but didnt like the movie so .Itwas a colorful movie,but the 3d effect wasn't that good.

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