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Thread: Google In 20 Years

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    Google In 20 Years

    Google In 20 Years...
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    Be nice if I had that now for the remote control and cordless phone both of these need a lowjack installed on them

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    lol...I need to Google to figure out where I left my flash drive. It had my assignment on it

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    I can really imagine that LOL

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    Do I get scared?

    If you care less about privacy this is exactly the kind of world that could make life a lot easier to live,and has the advantage of freeing up thinking time for other things, except Google will still be able to do that better. The only solution is the wired to the Google system at the brain and let the AI use part of our processing abilities in return for food on the table. Maybe that's where we can all make more money.Forget AdSense, insert a chip in your brain and lease brain processing power to Google...

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    I wish Google had that now already
    But yeah.. imagine, it wouldn't be cool at all I think

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    That opens up a whole new 'door' so to speak in the area of theft, very scary.

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    I saw it before, but made me laugh again. I think in 10 years we will have and then see it turn into the regular Google.
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    yes, voice google definitely....maybe even cameras built in that can read lips and sign language...what do you think?

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