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Thread: India to launch cow urine as soft drink

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeeOne
    IMO in the era of the well advanced science and technology they are well aware of what they are going for and must be having a solid scientific base for that.
    Then perhaps you can cite a study on cow urine that not only provides detailed information on active ingredients and efficacy of said ingredients, but research on important tidbits, such as the efficacy of cow urine on the eradication/suppression of isolated cancer cells, or it's impacts on the increased regeneration/viability of diseased heart tissue?

    You know... the usual tests people seem to run when they're trying to prove their drugs aren't total scams *cough* placebos. *cough* *cough*

    It doesn't even have to be unbiased/third party.

    Just one?

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    Anything that organism dont need or anything what is toxic to it is going out through urin. Thats why oragnism get rid of it, or evolution would otherwise make some use of urin.

    I can not believe someone will drink that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellas
    Anything that organism dont need or anything what is toxic to it is going out through urin.
    Actually, urine is comprised of anything the body doesn't need at any given moment. For example, if you take too many of a certain type of vitamin (i.e. vitamin C), your body will expel the excess. It doesn't mean your body won't need it later, it usually just doesn't have a place to store it.

    This doesn't mean it's OK to overdose on vitamins. The body is unable to expel other vitamins as easily, such as vitamin A, which collects in the tissue and could become toxic.

    Other than water, urine is almost entirely comprised of urea (rINN carbamide). Urea is known to have mild anti-fungal properties. It also effectively coats the skin and acts as a light sealant to trap in moisture, which makes it an active ingredient in many popular moisturizers.

    It's used in a gamut of ways from fertilizer to ear wax removal, but there is still no solid scientific evidence that it really does anything even remotely substantial in terms of healing.

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    I really wouldn't be surprised if we find out one day that we have already consumed a large quantities of mentioned stuff without even knowing.

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    I saw that on TV before, of course they don't drink the urine straight from the cow, they distill it and then drink it.
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    Well drinking cow's urine as soft drink . I feel bad for those who will drink it.

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    Lol.. I don't think any one would love to drink them.
    How can anyone drink that ??

    - Digital -

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    Yuck !! How can anyone drink cow urine?? Sheesh !!
    But, if such a thing has been announced, then it would have been done, after much researches on the same thing.

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    Yuck, whatever reason dude, it's digesting i feel. IMO it's not a fair idea guys. . oops!!

    I can't even imagine!!

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    What??? NO!!!!
    I'm an Indian and I'd prefer a Coke over cow piss anyday (as would everyone else, i suppose)!!!

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