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Thread: Like 3ideots,,,,,,,

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    Yes 'AALL izz Well' with this Amir Movie.


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    Really nice movie.
    3 ideots movie dvd still in my laptop and watching it again and again in parts when i taking breakfast or taking 5-10 minutes rest
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    I like this movie very much. This has targeted the present education system. Which has been worst.

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    Really Every time Amir Khan creates magic in his films.

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    Well, Amir Khan is always known to create masterpieces and to be true, he excels in this art

    3 Idiots was, no doubt, a wonderful movie.

  6. I have watch it 3,4 times , ya nice movie , and give some messages too

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    3 idiots is my most favorite movie,
    Great story line.

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    Yes i like this flick very much,
    It's song "give me some sunshine" is my favorite.

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