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Thread: The most beautiful wallpapers you have!

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    I like this, cause it's simple and clean;o)

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    Great collection,
    I like most is the second one it is a very good.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pixus View Post

    I like this, cause it's simple and clean;o)

    this is not a wall paper. this is a wall

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    I have been making some for a site I have been working on.

    Here is one. They should be online later tonight.

    Butterflies Forever

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Current Celebrity Gossip Movies & More TV Site
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    I'm into cars, Nissan specifically and like this on of the Nissan Skyline 370 GT

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    i love my car wallpaper
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    The best wallpapers that I have was ranma1/2 and apple.theyre wallpaers is really great specially apple wallpapers it's like real.

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    You'll find loads of good ones on Desktopography:

    I currently have mine randomising through a folder of wallpapers (most of which come from desktopography).

    My favorites are these 3:


    edit: wow, after the links all changed to the same titles this post looks spammy...I promise you it's not meant to be.

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