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    Proxies that Work With

    So the wife decided she had to have an iPad yesterday...
    her existing mode of watching U.S. TV of course requires Adobe... works great on the just can't watch U.S. tv staight up from Europe though (all the UK stuff works np)...

    Tried the top 15 US based proxies on Tech-FAQ, no joy. Anyone have a proxy that works for this site based in the US?


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    I just got that site to work with VectroTunnel and Firefox. I see the site and a 'NBC HD' window with football news reports. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble getting VectroTunnel to work on the iPad, iPhone and Droid since they lack support for SSH port forwarding and SOCKS settings in the browsers. VPN seems to be more compatible with iPad and other devices if you can find a good U.S. VPN service. I'm even considering offering one in the future for mobile devices.

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