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Thread: Suggest me some movies

  1. Suggest me some movies

    Hey guys,

    Between work and play, I'm currently getting bored. I'm thinking of watching movies but I'm stumped as to what.

    Would appreciate suggestions. Thanks.

  2. If you are from India or if you know Hindi then go and watch Love AJJ kal .

  3. Quote Originally Posted by badmash View Post
    If you are from India or if you know Hindi then go and watch Love AJJ kal .
    Hey badmash, nah, I'm based from the Philippines and understand no Hindi whatsoever. I think Slumdog Millionaire was the nearest thing to being Hindi I watched.

    Appreciate the suggestion!

  4. Then I can suggest you Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince .

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    Go for Transforormers or the Angels and the Demons.

    - Digital -

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    If you haven't seen The Hangover and it's available it is HILARIOUS.

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    If you like period-drama movies (like I don't), then I can highly recommend Period! Heh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badmash View Post
    If you are from India or if you know Hindi then go and watch Love AJJ kal .
    Love Aaj Kal is such a wrost movie.

  9. Lord of the Rings - the extended versions
    Iron Man
    Spider Man
    Mad Max
    Transformers 1 and 2
    Star Wars - all 6 of them

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    I recommend you watching:

    -The Green Mile
    -Schindler's List
    -Forrest Gump
    -A wonderful mind
    -Big Fish (I didn't plan to watch it but was greatly surprised to find out how good it was)
    -Cast Away
    -Scoop (and pretty much every Woody Allen film)
    -What Dreams May Come
    -Lucky Number Slevin
    -Slumdog Millionaire
    -About Schmidt
    -Pursuit of happyness
    -A good year

    Newly added:
    -Brokeback Mountain
    -The Good Name
    -The Science of Sleep
    -Th Illusionist
    -Amélie (!)
    -The Weather Man (!)
    -Road to Perdition
    -Stranger than Fiction (!)
    -Borat (hilarious)
    -You Don't Mess with the Zohan (hilarious)
    -Anger Management
    -Meet Joe Black
    -Les Choristes (!)
    -The Majestic (!)
    -Million Dollar Baby (!)
    -The Pianist (of Roman Polanski) (!)

    (!) : Awesome! (at least that's what I think )

    This list is not arranged in order of preference. I wouldn't be able to do so.

    And many, many more I'm sure forgetting. Don't worry, I'll try to fill this list when I have time . But I think this will keep you busy for (at least) a week if you don't have much free time. Else some days will do.

    EDIT: Just added some more just in case you hadn't enough - I knew I was forgetting many movies
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