Maybe we need a few new words/phrases to encompass modern situations? So make a suggestion or 3

I will, kick it off (brain cache dump) with these medical term ideas:

Postdomanicregistrationdisorder - this is a condition entered where the patient has no recollection for the reasoning behind a recent domain name purchase that makes no sense to themselves and others.

Emoticonitus - a condition where the patient cannot express themselves without the use of emoticons, and in severe cases, repetitive use of the same emoticon in a side-by-side row. This condition is often triggered by a previous history of exclamatosis (an uncontrollable urge to use the exclamation mark).

Click denial disorder - a condition brought on by the stress of not being allowed to click one's own links.

SEO recursive implosion syndrome - caused by getting into a loop of continual optimization and never quite being fully optimized in terms of knowledge, action, and outcomes. The patient's brain activity scan resembles that of a Mandelbrot fractal.

Spin talking - this is where the patient finds it difficult to say the same sentence in the exact same way, even when talking with friends and family. This condition is especially prevalent in the re-hired seo telesales resource community, where even the accent is modified in a random fashion. The worst cases are likened to people "speaking in tongues".

Bloggers block - a condition due to the fear to write without the correct: keyword density, use of tags, relevant images, post frequency, publication timing, number of words etc.

Link phobia - fear of all kinds of linking, both in and out from a website or blog.

Linkaholic - somebody that craves links beyond anything else.

Statismatism - where the patient cannot get enough statistical data for their sites, and they are compelled to refresh their stats several times per day.