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Thread: TV SHows??

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    TV SHows??

    What TV shows do you like to watch??

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    Family Guy
    South Park
    Prison Break

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    I personally like.

    Family Guy
    South Park
    2 And A Half Men

    and thats about it

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    i love watching LOST>>natrally waiting for a last season
    also i have been watching The IT CROWD of late and its a very very funny tv show
    infact the best in comedy genre i have ever seen

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    I forgot to mention some great ones:

    Mock the Week
    8 out of 10 Cats

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    I like all the CSI shows.. (las vegas, new york and miami).
    But, I like the most is miami, because of horacio, his great..
    I also watch house. He is a great doctor, you will learn to him too.

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    Yeah I used to watch CSI a lot actually, good shows.

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    CSI (the original)
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    Family Guy
    South Park

  10. I like CSI shows, and some local shows here in the Philippines

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