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Thread: Twilight: New Moon Trailer Released at MTV Music Awards

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    Twilight: New Moon Trailer Released at MTV Music Awards

    For you die hard Twilight fans: Enjoy.

    For everyone else: I'd guess this is more of a teaser trailer?

    Trailer Premiere: 'New Moon' | Video | MTV

    Diet Fads

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    Doesn't look too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post
    Doesn't look too bad.
    Dunno. I was kinda disappointed. The trailer stuck with two chapters near the beginning of the book and didn't even begin to delve into the really interesting stuff, meh. To say I'm a harsh critic would be an understatement.

    I guess we'll see.
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    Diet Fads

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    Although the books were fantastic, the Twilight movie was one of the worst movies I've seen thus far this year. That acting and directing was absolutely terrible.

    MTV Awards have sunk to new lows. They gave out a WTF award for a scene where a gal pissed in the sink. Real classy stuff.
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