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  1. Web Hosting Humor

    This isn't new, but I still find it hilarious: No Uptime Hosting - Guaranteed Server Downtime!
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    Haha... that's hilarious!

    I love the count of "Idiots who entered Google as a host" ... LOL!

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    unbolivable. he should put donate button bellow

    I am sure many would give few bucks to help him stay down

    Don't like uploading your files via FTP? No problem! Send us your files on a floppy and we'll upload it for you.

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    Great site I found something like this too for ebooks...

    Like 'this is the best one ever, you will earn 9,000,000$ in the first month (by investing 999,999,000$ only!)'

    And all stuff like that It made my day
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Do you have that site's address? I'm always up for a laugh

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmongy View Post
    Do you have that site's address? I'm always up for a laugh
    I guess it was this one but I'm not sure.. But this one is great too though
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    |Nico Lawsons

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    Haha nice one as well!

    I love the testimonial from "George from Washington, D.C"!

  8. haha awesome
    I want 2 Glow Sticks and a Free Broken Toaster with Dedicated Win 3.11!

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