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Thread: what do women like to buy online?

  1. Clothes, Cosmetics, Shoes, Bags and other beauty and fashion related products and accessories

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    Girls buy Contact lenses, Hair Straighteners, Shoes, Weird extensions for there hair, Nail polish, A weird Coco Chanel bag, Fake nails <-- WTF,

    Anyways, This is just experience from my sister using my PayPal account lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sami4u View Post
    I have bought toys online before.

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    TS asked which digital products -like found on clickbank- women buy.

    It's an interesting question and I don't know if statistics are available somewhere but I guess a lot depends on:

    cultural background

    Certain digital products will be more popular with certain categories of female buyers than others. So the answer to the original question is not so simple.

    For example, if the answer is just a product like 'mp3s', 'kitten screen savers' or 'fashion magazines' it might be that those products are just the majority of products sold to women online. That doesn't mean this product is the most profitable, best or most popular in a certain age group.

    From a recent survey, I learned that music and movies are the digital products bought most often online. There's almost no difference in buying behavior between men and women when it comes to these products. Other, and sometimes more popular non digital products bought by women are clothes and books.

    From a friend, I learned that she's buying clothes as her most favorable online product. She is in her early thirties and buys only from trusted brands. One of the reasons is that she will know that the displayed size will fit her. She also noted that certainly not all women buy clothes online that depends a lot on the age. For example, women in the age above -say 50- prefer to buy clothes in a street shop or from a popular paper catalog. Not a digital product indeed, just to illustrate how complicated buying behavior can be.

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    I guess there would be a bunch of intelligent and elderly women that may buy on line because of lack of mobility and a desire to remain independent of help for things that they enjoy such as shopping.

    For younger women, I would have thought that dating products would be of interest. How to find a man or get your ex back etc. Don't most enjoy shopping for clothes etc. offline for the social aspect of getting out of the house?

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    According to me Women like to buy Jewellry,Clothes and Handbags. These are favourite things that women like most.

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    I vote for clothes, women definitely want to buy clothes online : )

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    Women like to buy online different things like as beautiful clothes,digital equipments and cosmetic materials.
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    Hi...,Nice post.
    I think almost women want to see and buy clothes and second one is beauty hair remover,face cream....

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