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Thread: What you like to watch ?

  1. I like to watch horror movies...........................................

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    I love to watch Horror movies in my leisure time as it is my favorite hobby. my most favorite horror movies are
    1. The HUSK

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    Yeah i like to watched horror movie my favorite horror movies are
    Evil Dead

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    I started posting about my favorite videos at: Video Shack There are so many cool videos out there, and it is easy to get lost in the noise when surfing the large video sites.

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    I watch any movie that catches my fancy.
    Except chick flicks, I let my wife watch those in peace and quiet.

    Really, I watch all the documentaries I can get on cable that are historical, about wars, about the earth, and more.

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    Well I like to watch sci-fi movies.
    In which i like Avatar the most.

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    I like to watch horror and romantic movies.

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    just finished the tv series rescue me, it was amazing, one of my fave shows

  10. I like to watch the movies.

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