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Thread: Why do men ogle?

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    what did you use? The stuff after the v= or the whole URL?
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    Is part of his campaign, i know very little about Obama, US politics, but for sure is trying to be "a cool" president in the eyes of the people, a different president. Americans, from the low, middle class will say, "Look, Obama is human, is just like us". USA is not like the european countries or Russia, India, China, every country is different, has its own values.

  3. Men stare because we are breeding machines. From the age of 14 - 24, the typical man produces enough sperm to repopulate the world something like 20 times over.

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    I totally agree with him.Why aren't men allowed to watch girls?

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    Why aren't men allowed to watch hot girls? It's what we do right? Except if we're married and our women is walking next to us, but this is what males are upto in their life

    You're doing a good job by doing this Obama

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