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Thread: Why do men ogle?

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    Smile Why do men ogle?

    Even the most powerful man in the world - the US president couldn't stop himself from ogling! Look at him in the above pic, he can't seem to keep his eyes of this pretty woman's… ummm….
    Hmmm. So now we know what the leaders of the free world do at international meetings - this happend at the G8 in L'Aquila, Italy on Thursday.

    No, they're not talking about global warming and climate change, they're not trying to root out global terrorism or figure a way out of the recession. Instead, they're busy checking out women! Seriously, Mr Barack Obama, shouldn't you as US president, be keeping your eyes on bigger issues instead! (I'm not sure French president Nicholas Sarkozy agrees, though! He looks so amused).


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    Nah hes just looking for Assassins trying to kill him the guy on the right looks really funny.

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    I never thought I would live long enough to see a world where the French have a way cooler president than the United States.

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    Haha! Cool, but Sarkozy doesn't need to laugh as he did exactly the same a few weeks ago
    |Nico Lawsons

  5. Who is the woman? Is that Bruni?

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    In a major embarassment for Obama and the United States, that was not a woman -- it was a young girl. Clinton liked big girls; Obama prefers underage ones. Who would have guessed?

    Check out the backstory at The Ace of Spades.

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    Why aren't men allowed to watch hot girls? It's what we do right? Except if we're married and our women is walking next to us, but this is what males are upto in their life

    You're doing a good job by doing this Obama
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Maybe his head just happened to be turned when the picture was taken?
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    hmm i apparently suck at posting youtube videos? Is it blank for everyone or just me?

    if it is blank here's the link ->

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