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Thread: Exposure Ad for The HD Forums

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    Exposure Ad for The HD Forums

    Site Name: The HD Forums

    Site Link:

    Site description (max 24 words): GFX and Animations are your thing? With over 10+ Boards for your GFX and Animations, HD is the best place for you!

    your banner link: or

    On how many topsites is your website already?: (give links to them also.) 1 only

    What e-mail of you will we use ?:(please PM it to us.) PMed!

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    Re: Exposure Ad for The HD Forums


    Hello E-Hero Kyle

    Thank you for requesting Exposure Add, your request will be done in less then 24 hours or more. You will receive a PM with the info of the topsites your site joined.

    A second reply will be made when we have added your site to 4 topsites.


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    Re: Exposure Ad for The HD Forums


    Hello again

    Your site has been added to 4 topsites we known are trustful and helpful. You will get a PM very soon with your topsite info. 15 Denarri will be deduced from your account.

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    Re: Exposure Ad for The HD Forums

    Cash deduced from account.

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