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Thread: Promoter's Park!

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    Promoter's Park!

    Forum Name: Promoter's Park

    Forum Link:

    It would be nice if you promoted this forum there too.

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    RE: Promoter's Park!

    Alright, first off, I like the look of your forum. It has a nice clean look to it. The banner matches the skin. My only suggestions thus far would be to fill up the empty boards, as that can turn away potential members. And also, your board titles, descriptions, and structure is too similar to I would suggest changing it around a bit to avoid people from calling you a copycat.

    Apart from that, everything else seems fine. Have you considered getting a proper domain name?

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    RE: Promoter's Park!

    His forum is only about 3 days old and he is still working on it but I think he is getting on the right track.

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