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Thread: SEO Request for ASH

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    SEO Request for ASH

    hello, master. I need another SEO request for my new forum. I request for the fourth service only, which is to add my site to 20 SEO.

    1. Website Info

    1.1 Website or Business Name: A Singing Harmony ~ a fan-site forum for Akiko Shikata

    1.2 URL:

    2. Contact Info

    for this info, just use the old one I gave to you for my first request

    PM me if there's something else I need to know. thanks a bunch!

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    Re: SEO Request for ASH


    Hello Phio,

    Thanks for your patience and sorry for the big delay. Hope your community will gain results from it in the future.

    15 Denarri will now be deduced from your account. This time a confirmation PM won't be sent as you know how it works, if you do want it tell me.


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    Re: SEO Request for ASH

    hehe, yeah, no problem. thanks for doing this. and yeah, it's okay, I think. I'll manage it somehow, I'll PM you if I have any questions, though. ^^

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