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Thread: SEO Request for SnH

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    SEO Request for SnH

    hi there, I'm proud to be the first requester, haha~ XD

    anyways, here I go!

    SEO Services no. 3 >> Search Engine Position

    Your Website link: Shikata no Harmony (

    On Yahoo or Google?: both of them

    Keywords: (Needed to check pr.) akiko shikata, fan-site forum, music, Japan

    SEO Services no. 4 >> Add Site to 20 Search Engines

    1. Website Info

    1.1 Website or Business Name >> Shikata no Harmony

    1.2 URL >>

    2. Contact Info

    (will be sent through PM)

    thank you very much!

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    Re: SEO Request for SnH


    Hello phio,

    Thank you for using our SEO service and choosing 2 of the sub-services. You will get the info of Search Engine Position PM'd to you soon. And in 24 or more/less hours that of Add site to 20 Search Engines. We hope this will help, especially your last service request. In total 15 Denarri will be deduced from your account when this request is completed.


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    Re: SEO Request for SnH

    Master, can I help you moderate this forum?

    oh Completed the 2 package requests hey, can I be the group leader for package team?

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    Re: SEO Request for SnH

    PM for first request is received, thank you very much. ^^

    and yep, I'm especially looking for the second requests. hopefully, I can get more traffics and members, hehe~

    once again, thanks a bunch for your help.

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    Re: SEO Request for SnH


    Hello Phio,

    Thanks for your patience and now also the last service you have requested has been PM'd to you. Hope your community will gain results from it in the future.

    15 Denarri will now be deduced from your account.


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    Re: SEO Request for SnH

    yes, thank you very much, again. I hope I can get good results from this.

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